Sytec Fuel Swirl pot with push on fittings 12mm, 10mm and 6mm.


Fuel collector header tank to gravity feed the injection pump. Designed to meet the requirements of the serious motorsport enthusiast who is using a fuel injected car for competition or fast road use. Reduces injection pump failure and suitable for any petrol injected engine. Controls a supply of constant fuel, filters fuel from fuel tank and has removable metal bowl and cleanable filter.

Inconsistent fuel supply to the pump results in irreparable damage making the pump noisy, and finally, causing pump seizure.

Filter: Metal 55 Micron (cleanable).
Body: Alloy casting.
Mounting: Bracket.
Fitting: Push on 12mm, 10mm, 6mm.
Dimensions: 145mm(Height) x 75mm(Dia)
Bowl Capacity : 510cc.

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Sytec Fuel Swirl pot.

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