Rolling Road Checklist

rr-checklistA trip to our rolling road to have your Emerald ECU professionally calibrated should enable the maximum, safe level of performance to be extracted from your engine.  It's a great experience and offers a down-to-earth insight into the technical world of engine calibration.  Notwithstanding these points, most people visiting us travel significant distances at significant cost so please take the time to read and act on the essential checklist below to ensure that you and your engine get the most out of a visit to us and everything goes smoothly.

Remember, there is a lot to be said for avoiding the "P6" Acronym.  Google it if the full phrase doesn't come immediately to mind!

Essential Checklist

      Ensure you arrive with a full tank of fuel and bring a full jerry can or two if you know that your engine drinks fuel!  The nearest garage to Watton for Optimax is on the north side of the A11 past Attleborough on the way to Norwich.

       Fill your tank with the grade of fuel you intend to use the majority of the time, i.e. 95 or 97 RON. We use a wide band Lambda sensor for mapping - so leaded fuel or fuel with additives is definitely unsuitable.

       Check throttle linkages - make sure the engine can reach full throttle.

       Check for correct oil & coolant levels.

       Check there are no fuel, oil or coolant leaks – most important!!

       Check that all your coolant hoses and the radiator itself are in good condition as they will be receiving a thorough workout on the rollers.

       Check that all spark plugs and HT leads are in good condition.  Spark plugs must be the resistor type, i.e. NGK BPR7ES.

       If your engine is pressure charged make sure all your boost pipes are swaged so they don't blow off!

       Check tyres and ensure they are at the correct pressure & have good tread.

       Think about ground clearance – if you have really low spoilers consider removing them for the day or you may not get onto our rollers at all.

       If your car has under-tray's beneath the engine, (as on Lotus Elise/Exige etc) remove these if at all possible to provide extra clearance and airflow.


          Double-check everything you can possibly think of to ensure that your visit to our Rolling Road is productive as well as enjoyable!!

          If you are looking to stay the night in Watton either before or after your rolling road session then we can recommend the "The Willow House" which has a large car park ideal for trailers and they're used to Petrol heads!  Slightly further away but a great friendly place as well is the "Chequers", 10 mins away in Thompson.  Check them out and tell them we sent you.