Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulator (Motorsport 1:1) 8mm tails


FSE Adjustable fuel pressure regulator - 8mm push on fittings. AIR007

Malpassi Electronic Fuel Injection Regulator 473 1:1


The installation of performing fuel injectors or a high-flow pump requires to replace the standard fuel pressure regulator with another one that allows pressure adjustment while maintaining a stable base pressure. It can also be used to upgrade a standard fuel system without further modifications. It has been designed to provide a costant fuel pressure under any load (from idle to full throttle) and driving conditions, high-flow delivery and superb pressure control. Ideal for modified street cars/motorsport/racing, also with modern high performances ECU engines, even running at static pressure. Fuel pressure will be stable into system even at engine off. Our regulator is manufactured in special alloy by casting, and each unit is assembled by hand and tested to assure accurate working.

For applications on aspirated a/o turbocharged engines
1:1 air/fuel rate
Compatible with alcoholed fuel (E85)
1 x vacuum a/o boost connector, 5 mm tail, on 6x1 mm threaded port
Base pressure adjustable up to 10 bar (with appropriate pump)
Ramp :- 1:1

Adjustment:- Variable

Pressure Range:- 1-10 bar (14 -146psi)

Unions:- 8mm push on

Vacuum port:- Yes (Leave open to atmosphre if using a set base pressure)

Gauge Port:- Yes

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  • Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulator (Motorsport 1:1) 8mm tails

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