Full Ford Duratec wiring harness (loom) for Emerald ECU


A complete general wiring loom for Ford Duratec engine installations. Designed to fit most cars and available in two variations of length for both, K3 ECU and K6 ECU:

* Short - for fitment of our ECU in engine bay.
* Long - for fitment of our ECU inside cab.

and two variations of Coil setup:

* Coil pack.
* Coil on plug (4 separate coils)(K6 ECU only).

Supports both Sequential and Semi-sequential injection options. This loom simply requires installation onto the Duratec engine, mounting of the integral fuse block and relays and +12v power and earth connections. Then just plug in our ECU and away you go.

The loom is produced using high spec automotive wiring and connectors throughout to provide a robust wiring solution that can be relied on - for both road and race installations. It is designed to connect directly to a combination of the Duratec's original sensors and Emerald supplied sensors/actuators. All wires are twisted to avoid any possible interference and labeled for easy installation.

(length shown from ECU to connection)

* Crank Sensor (shielded) 2,225mm (short 1,675mm) - OE Ford connector or 2-pin Junior mini timer
* Cam Sensor (shielded) 1,225mm (short 675mm) - OE Ford connector or 2-pin Junior mini timer
* Coil Pack 925mm (short 375mm) - Ford GEN 2 connector or Ford (late gen.) coil pack plug
* Air Temp 1,700mm (short 1,150mm) - Junior Mini Timer connector
* Water Temp 1,300mm (short 750mm) - Junior Mini Timer connector
* TPS 1,350mm (short 800mm) - Superseal connector
* Lambda 1,525mm (short 975mm) - Superseal connector
* Injectors - Junior Mini Timer connector or EV6 connector
Inj. 1 - 1,450mm (short 900mm)
Inj. 2 - 1,350mm (short 800mm)
Inj. 3 - 1,250mm (short 700mm)
Inj. 4 - 1,150mm (short 600mm)

Coil on plug - unterminated (OE Ford coil plugs optional)
Coil 1 - 1,450mm (short 900mm)
Coil 2 - 1,350mm (short 800mm)
Coil 3 - 1,250mm (short 700mm)
Coil 4 - 1,150mm (short 600mm)

Pre-wired provision for the following outputs is also built into the loom with 10-way plug (both sides of the plug provided):

* Fuel Pump +12v
* Coolant Fan Relay
* Shift-light (not included with Coil on plug option)
* Tacho driver
* Battery +12v
* Battery ground

Please check your requirements before ordering. If any details above are not satisfactory please contact us for customisation. Full custom looms also available. E-mail us at sales@emeraldm3d.co.uk or call on +44 (0) 1953 889110 and we will do our best to provide you with a solution.

Please note that this loom is made to order and may take longer to ship.

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Emerald Full ECU wiring Loom - Duratec

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