Software & Manuals


Emerald ECU PC software, past to present available below:


 ECU Type & Applicable Software Version

Download file

 Emerald K3/K6 ECU, sw:  K3 v1 r0.94 sw-man-setup
 Emerald M3DK ECU, sw:  M3DK v1.1 r7 sw-man-setup
 Emerald M3D ECU, sw:  WinM3D v1.0 sw-man-setup



Emerald ECU & Datalogger Manuals, Quickstart Guides & Crib sheets available below:


 Available Information

Download file

Emerald K3/K6 Manual v 057 sw-man-setup
Emerald M3DK Manual v 5 sw-man-setup
Emerald Emerald K6 Quick start Guide Rev 3
Emerald Emerald K6 ECU Configuration Guide Rev 3
Emerald K6 IACV & Cold start Crib sheet sw-man-setup
Emerald Data logger Guide sw-man-setup
 Emerald K3 simple O2 Crib Sheet sw-man-setup
Emerald K6 simple O2 Crib Sheet sw-man-setup
 Emerald K3 & K6 CAN protocol sw-man-setup
 Emerald Comms Setup - USB to Serial Adapter sw-man-setup


Note: Individual ECU's may have been originally ordered and supplied with bespoke software versions to suit non-standard engine installations.  If you are in doubt about which software is applicable for your ECU please email us quoting the ECU Serial Number.

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