About Us

Emerald is a specialist automotive electronics company based in Watton, Norfolk - just down the road from Snetterton race circuit and Lotus' HQ in Hethel.   They design, develop and manufacture the stand-alone Emerald engine management systems.

about-unitAt the heart of the company is the combined passion, experience and ingenuity of its two founders – Dave Walker and Karl Paton who created the first ever Emerald ECU over 17 years ago.  Like it’s engine management systems, Emerald has evolved over the years but always kept hold of its core values - to provide user-friendly, capable and reliable engine management systems with 1st-class back-up and technical assistance – whilst at the same time not costing the earth!

Emerald engine management systems are capable of handling full 3D mapping of both ignition and injection on most normally aspirated and turbo engines – from classics through to the latest engine designs.  Work is always ongoing to add more features and functionality to cater for the ever-growing diversity of engines and customer requirements.

Emerald’s in-house R&D facilities include purpose built chassis and engine dynometer test cells which are in use on a daily basis.  In addition to this key equipment and as an aide to both in-house developments and editorial pieces for magazines such as Practical Performance Car and Track Driver magazine, a Superflow air flow bench for cylinder head testing, manual machine tools, welding equipment, a five-gas analyser, four-wheel geometry alignment kit and corner-weight set are also maintained.

Emerald produced the first M3D management system in 1994 as an ignition only system and soon after fuel injection was added.  As engine set-up and calibration specialists Emerald appreciates how complicated some engine management software can be.  Emerald systems are both straight-forward and logical to use and many of the "big" features found in competitor systems are included as standard in Emerald’s ECU’s.  Constructive comments on the software or ECU’s are always welcome at Emerald and form an integral part of future product development.

Emerald ECU’s have been used to good effect on a variety of different engines and a comprehensive library of maps for these engines in various states of tune now exists - particularly the Rover 'K' series as used in the Caterham Seven, Lotus Elise and MGF and more recently the Ford Duratec, VAG 1.8T and Chevrolet LS engine ranges.

Future developments will include adding new features to the K6 ECU in addition to expanding the product range and further enhancement of on-site and over-seas facilities and support.  Emerald has never just been a business to us. If you would rather be dealing with fellow enthusiasts and need further information drop us a line via the Contact Us page.



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