link-dvaHigh Performance Engine Building and Tuning K-Series specialist                                     link-jenveyHigh Performance Throttle bodies and Induction systems

                                               link-piperPerformance camshafts, timing pulleys & exhausts                                    link-pug1offTuning specialists for Peugeot and Citroen cars

             link-bernardAirbox &Trumpet kits for the Rover K series engine by Bernard Scouse                   link-qedSuppliers of High Performance Engines & components

                                link-pugFree web resource/community for the Peugeot 205 GTI                               link-vgkracingSpanish based Rover K-Series specialist. 2.0l conversions

link-blatchatDiscussion board for those interested in Caterhams & the like                 link-chequersThe Chequers.  Local accommodation in Thompson - 10 mins drive to Emerald

                                                                                      link-hotelThe Hare & Barrel.  Local accommodation in Watton - big car park